Pammachon Seminar on the Byzantine Staff for the Cub Scouts of Ialyssos, Rhodes


On Thursday, June 7th and Saturday, June 9th 2016, Fencing and Pammachon Byzantine Staff seminars took place for the Cub Scouts of Ialyssos, Rhodes in the school of Halki.


The seminars were presented by the fencing and hoplomachia instructor Mr. George E. Georgas, after invitation for the 70 years anniversary of the local Scout branch.


In the first part of the seminar the scouts were trained in the principles of Fleuret fencing, guards, kinaesthetics, simple attacks and simple parries. Free play between the students followed.


In the second part of the seminar, that took place on Saturday, after a short lecture on the history of the staff that has its roots in ancient Greece as a tool – weapon of the gods Pan and Hermes, and its passage to the Byzantine years where its current form and name (aglitsa, staff, matsouka, mpastouni) come from.

The usage of the staff by the Scouts in the early 20s was also highlighted. The Cub Scouts of Ialyssos, Rhodes gave an award to the instructor of our club for their training.


The seminar was held free of charge as a gift from the HEMA Academy “Leontes” for the 70 year anniversary of the Cub Scouts of Ialyssos.








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