Legio X ready for service!


What is the Optio Centuriae (the second-in-command of a century) of the Tenth Legion (Legio X) doing in Greece?

The answer in Autumn. The history of the Tenth Legion The Tenth Legion was the first one created by Julius Caesar when he was a commander in Spain, hence its emblem, the bull. Its name was Legio X Equestris, meaning the cavalry. The German king Ariovistus asked Caesar to meet him with a bodyguard comprised only of horsemen to discuss terms. The Romans didn’t have their own cavalry and the Gallic horsemen they had as allies weren’t trustworthy. Ariovistus knew it and that is why he made that particular request. Caesar, though, made his own legion into cavalry, and that is why it was then called Equestris. The Tenth was disbanded after the Gallic Wars and the veterans were awarded land in south Gaul.




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