Eastern Roman Warfare


By Nicholas Petrou MA,member and historian of the Academy of Historical European Martial Arts’Leontes’

There is a clear depiction (which you’ve seen before with some parts of this manuscript) of Eastern Roman Warfare. There’s a detailed depiction of formation fighting, similar to the earlier Greco-Roman style. This coincides both with the treatises experience with the Thematic era of te Eastern Roman Army.
However, this was done during the Macedonian renaissance and caution is needed. The question needs to be asked as to how much of this is using artistic construction from classical warfare.

Artistic construction is essential because on the one hand it depicts certain events, whilst on the other it uses those events to relay back to an audience by depicting real events. Therefore there would be a mix of both stylizing and depicting what happened. Another good example of this is the depictions of the English Army at Agincourt.


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