Rare illustrations of Byzantine warriors at the renaissance book ‘Erotokritos’ of Vitsentzo Kornaro

Ακαδημία Ιστορικών Ευρωπαϊκών Πολεμικών Τεχνών


By George E. Georgas

The renaissance book ‘ Erotokritos’ is the unique saved  manuscript with colour illustrations and it belongs to the library of the Rumanian Academy. The book is translated to the Rumanian language from Greek (the bellow photos and the text is from the ΑΔΑΜpublication in Greek and it is published in the Greek language). This book was written from Vitsentzo Kornaro at the city of Citia in Crete at the year of 1645. The illustrations was made from Petraki at the age of 1787 (code Β.R.A. 3514), and the calligraphy was done from Ionitza. Both of them where have an older book of Erotokritos of unknown calligrapher and illustrator.

 At the bellow illustrations we have to watch to the armorand weapon equipment of the hero and his friends and foes. It is an echo from the world of the folk enunciation of this age. We…

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