Byzantine Oplomachia ‘Duels’ with Paramerion and small shield

HELLENIC ACADEMY OF HISTORICAL EUROPEAN MARTIAL ARTS. School dedicated to the study and practice of ancient,medieval,renaissance and modern swordsmanship.

Academy of Historical European Martial Arts: Training in Byzantine weapon use.

Duels with spathion type of sword and small shield.
The duelist are :

Duel 1 : Dimitrios Dimopoulos vs John Dimopoulos
Winner: John Dimopoulos

Duel 2 : Dimitrios Dimopoulos vs Christopher Giataganas
Winner: Christopher Giataganas

Duel 3 : George E. Georgas vs John Dimopoulos
Winner: George E. Georgas

The soundtrack is a Byzantine medieval music from Cappadocia. The instrument is Uti.



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